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Let me introduce myself...

Creating is what I am drawn to.. it provides me with a sense of completeness while fulfilling a basic need, not as much to express I think, but to feel.  To admire the beauty of a subject as I paint or draw is relaxing to me and sharing it with others makes me happy.

I  am Penny Medders and I was born in Austin, Texas in 1967 and have lived the majority of my life in Texas.  When I was a kid I loved horses and you could always find me either drawing horses or reading about them.  Overall I am self taught, having only sampled techniques when I took Visual Art at Kilgore College.  After a career in design and raising a family I joined the  the Parson Art Group in 2013.  I soon realized I had a real passion for painting and drawing animals.  My mediums of choice are Colored Pencil, Oil and some mixed media.  My subject matter of choice is nature - mostly animals.  I love birds of all kinds, the big cats and other predators and Horses, of course. ;)  I find the natural world fascinating, beautiful and mysterious and my art connects me to that in a deep and personal way.  I really love to get close up to the subject and study the structure, hair, fur, feathers and eyes. 

 In 2020 we converted our garage into an art studio, a dream of mine since I started painting again.  Currently I am active in the El Campo Art Association where I serve on the board and participate in workshops, fund raising and annual art shows.  I have taught workshops on colored pencil at the El Campo Art Center and will begin weekly Pencil classes this year.

My Other Hobbies are fishing (salt & fresh), RVing and thrifting for vintage items to resell.

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