I am Penny Medders and I was born in Austin, Texas in 1967 and have lived the majority of my life Texas except for a few years in Oklahoma and Alaska.  I began drawing at a young age, mostly horses.  I was a city kid who yearned to own her own horse and saved all my birthday money to subscribe to different horse magazines to read and draw from.  I never did get my horse but I did learn to draw.  I never took art classes in grade school but once I graduated I took art and advertising/Visual Arts and Photography.  College was my first experience in using color in my drawings and actually trying my hand at painting.  That first time was terrifying!  I dabbled in different mediums during college until entering the work force as a Graphic Designer.  Then it was all about paying the bills and later caring for my family.   I picked up the brush and pencil again in 2013 and I have not looked back.  Other than sampling different art mediums in college I am self-taught. 


My mediums of choice are Acrylic, Oil and colored pencil and mixed media.  My subject matter of choice is nature - mostly animals.  I love birds of all kinds, the big cats and other predators and Horses, of course. ;)  I find the natural world fascinating, beautiful and mysterious and my art connects me to that in a deep and personal way.  I really love to get close up to the subject and study the structure, hair, fur, feathers and eyes.  

My love of art is difficult to explain in words so I will use metaphor...  Each piece is like a journey... You decide where you want to go but forget your map so you just keep going in the direction you know will lead you to the destination. Once you arrive you are surprised at how fun the journey was and cannot wait to go again.  I feel that each of my paintings or drawings are a journey that leads me on to the next. 


STUDIO ASSISTANT (in training)


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